Our performance has been recognized by one of the largest and finest 3PL companies in the U.S. – National Logistics Management (NLM).

Servicing customers such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, FedEx, and many others, we have twice received the On Time Performance Award. Our remarkable service record with these customers extends to all of our customers and we take steps to ensure your freight arrives on time, safely, and at the best possible price.

Hana Express joined the NLM Carrier base in 2002. They service NLM and all of our customers including Ford, GM, Visteon, Chrysler LLC & Delphi. They have earned several awards over the years, including the 2007 “On Time Performance” and “Carrier Excellence” award. Hana Express is an asset to our organization.

-NLM Carrier Development Team

For years, we have also provided premier service for Active Aero PTM. Through PTM, we are trusted with the freight of major companies such as Honda, YRC Logistics (formerly Yellow Freight), Eagle Logistics, Estes Air Freight, Johnson Controls, and many other companies.

Hana Express is an active participant in our program. They have held a 100% service score with Active PTM. With our tough criteria, this is not an easy accomplishment. Great job, and keep up the hard work.

-Sharon Harding, Active Aero/PTM

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